Don’t Give a Bouquet Toss

This week’s blog is about alternatives to the wedding bouquet toss.


(Baby’s breath posies by Nes of Inspired By Happiness)

This is my personal favourite! Have you considered saving your bridal bouquet and throwing a special “fortune bouquet” instead? It is composed of a dozen or so small clusters of flowers bound together with a ribbon that you untie before you throw. Each mini bouquet is bundled with a different romantic fortune. It’s a bit like a fortune cookie posy and there’s more than one lucky recipient.

As an alternative to gifting your bouquet to a single woman you can reward the longest marriage in the room.
All the married couples are asked to stand then by groups of five or ten years, the married couples are asked to be seated as the length of their marriage is mentioned. The couple that remains is the one married the longest. They are “rewarded’ with the bridal bouquet and the garter.”

Another delightful tradition can be started after the cake cutting. The couple say a few words and then ‘as a token of love and appreciation,’ they give the bouquet to his or her parents.

In Finland, there is another “tossing alternative.” The single women form a circle around the bride, who has been blindfolded. The bride turns slowly in one direction and the women, holding hands, turn in a circle in the opposite direction. The single women’s circle stops and the bride reaches out and hands her bouquet to the woman facing her. This works especially well when there aren’t too many single women guests.

I often post useful tips, ideas and inspiration via my Facebook page and on the page of the wedding collective group I chair. Here are their links;
If you need any referrals to amazing wedding vendors then please let me know-I love to seek out those hidden gems!

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