What I Wish All Couples Knew About Their Wedding Ceremony

ImageI’m lucky that the couples who seek me out prioritise having an original, personal and meaningful ceremony however there are thousands of couples every year planning their weddings that give little real consideration to their celebrant or their ceremony other than cost. Price may be what you pay however value is what you want!

According to The Association of Bridal Consultants, 2012 the average total cost of a wedding is $28 082 however only $219 was allocated to the celebrant in their statistical analysis and equal money was spent on the ceremony service booklets!

I whole heartedly support DIY and budget savvy weddings however when it comes to choosing your celebrant and entrusting them with the creation and delivery of your ceremony, making a good financial investment in the right celebrant will pay you back far into your future.

Your ceremony is not just something you need to get through; your ceremony is why everyone is gathered-it is the single most important part of your wedding. It is where you set your relationship intentions and tone, it is where you tell those special people in your life how you intend on treating each other, what you will do to protect your marriage and each other and how you will ensure your union lasts the lifetime it is intended to. It is the time you call upon everyone present to uphold you and remind of your vows and promises and of the commitment you made to your partner when challenge arises.

Your ceremony is more than words and processes, it’s a ritual that signifies the unity between you both. It is the right of passage to the next chapter of your lives and one that deserves meaningful symbolism and celebration orchestrated by a truly talented celebrant who ensures your ceremony is as unique as you both are. 

The current trend for stripped back weddings where all the focus is on the couple verses the styling; means that your ceremony must be different, it must be captivating and engaging and absolutely the highlight of your day as opposed to just another wedding ceremony with the same overused rhetoric and identical to the wedding you went to last week.

Typically a potential celebrant gets asked questions about how long they have been a celebrant, what qualifications and awards do they have and how many weddings have they conducted. There are better questions to ask celebrant candidates to increase the value you will receive such as;

How will you turn my wedding dreams and ideas into reality?

How will you give me a unique wedding that really reflects us and our personalities?

What resources and help will you give me to decide traditions, rituals, vows and readings?

What guidance are you able to give me to help me through the process of creating my ceremony and its content with the theme, style and tone that I want?

Do you have a network of other industry professionals that provide custom services and products that you could refer me to?

 A $219 celebrant will not provide these crucial value adding benefits.

 Couples are now planning their weddings with greater lead up and concise budgets. A principled celebrant with up to date qualifications, skill sets and talents who takes pride in giving you an original ceremony is aware of the need to be cost effective and will offer reasonable payment options to ensure that you can have your wedding cake and eat it too!

More than 70% of all weddings are now conducted by a celebrant so choosing the right one to match your needs is imperative. A celebrant who loves what they do and does what they love will be inspired when you give them fair exchange for sharing their passion and purpose. They will be inspired to give you the greatest ceremony ever leaving you less stressed, in more control with more time and energy to put into all the other planning involved with a wedding.

Beware of cheap, cost cutting and discounted services- while initially they may seem attractive they often cost you much more than just money in the long run and require ongoing motivation and monitoring from you.

A small leak will sink a great ship and I’m certain you don’t want your wedding day going down like the Titanic so please consider value over price when choosing your celebrant.

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