Ready Steady Fit

Well I’m finally serious about changing my body composition, there is enough leverage to push me to pursue this dream with some fire and I’m actually excited about carving out my bikini body for 2013. We have a cruise booked through the Pacific Islands and plans for overseas travel so I would like to be fashionably attired and feeling more confident and comfortable-there is a snorkel with my name on it and I’d like a gloriously bronzed tan to go with it. I would enjoy pulling on a pair of size 12 jeans and a t shirt and feeling unencumbered by that sense of hiding the bits I don’t like. I’d like to flaunt more defined arms in shorter sleeved shirts and enjoy a flatter stomach and firmer legs -I still want my curves and certainly want to remain feminine and strong.
With all the education I have had over these years in the health industry I know what to do, I just having been doing it with my fully engaged heart -I could list a tonne of excuses and justifications for why I haven’t been doing what I know however excuses just get in the way of success so here are my unadulterated re-composition goals and my intentions for success;
 Shred 20% body fat by Dec 2013 through improved diet and implementation of daily exercise
 Have a 9kg change in appearance (loss of 6.8kg fat and gain of 2.3kg muscle) (would like to do this 3 times) over 12 months
 Be able to run around the block by March 2013
 Achieve my ideal weight by Dec 2013
 Photo diary my diet every day for 21 days
 Track my progress through photographs and measurements
 Maintain the plank position for 2.5 minutes by Dec 2013
 Walk Diesel for 20-30 minutes 3 days per week before work
 Plan our menu weekly for 12 months on a week by week basis on the Sunday of each week
 Indulge in one dieters gone wild day per week
That’s a good SMART start and I believe that with the support of Gav and Indi’s childlike enthusiasm, as a family we will all benefit greatly. Our diet has always been relatively good however a few sneaky life sapping foods have crept in so it’s time to review and improve again and I’ve already made a start yesterday with my meals photography so here’s a peek.
Breakfast was home grown, fresh, just washed baby spinach with grilled ham, sautéed mushrooms and one of my hen’s free range eggs-Indi ate a bit of everything although she is rather partial to mushrooms so I didn’t get many of those and Diesel shared my ham so all in all our little breakfast on the deck was delightfully enjoyed under a sunny sky.

It can be challenging to eat salad for breakfast however you get used to it and then crave it!

It can be challenging to eat salad for breakfast however you get used to it and then crave it!

Lunch was a Chicken Caesar Salad – I had this out on my own during a teensy bit of me time.

$15 for a lot of cos-it was tasty though!

$15 for a lot of cos-it was tasty though!

Dinner consisted of curried chicken and coconut patties, grass fed Italian beef rissoles, wombok and purple cabbage coleslaw and green salad with garlic dressing. I did indulge in the last of the Christmas Pavlova so my day wasn’t completely clean however I feel good about my choices and today is another chance to make great decisions.

An early dinner means better digestion and overnight fat burning.

An early dinner means better digestion and overnight fat burning.

Breakfast today was left over salad and a chicken patty, lemon in water and supplements and my “not negotiable” mug of hot cacao.
Speaking of drugs; the only supplements I advocate are wild fish oil and a probiotic (dairy & gluten free). I know many hard core health fanatics would be taking green tea & garlic extract and further supplementation would make up to 10% of their plans however in my case I believe its 80% diet and 20% exercise partially because I know gaining essential vitamins and nutrients from whole foods is far more beneficial, secondly I am still breastfeeding and taking such supplements is not advised and thirdly I am much better at maintaining commitment to diet than to exercise so this lifestyle plan is superb for those like me who don’t really like to sweat yet enjoy the beauty and simplicity of real, healthful, life giving foods prepared and enjoyed with love.
I’ve also created my IPod walk playlist to ignite the desire to move and get some rhythm in my stride. I’ve taken my measurements, researched the exercises I will do, fished the kettle bell out of the garage, located the resistance rubber and found a local aqua aerobics class for some water play and added essential Vitamin D. Most importantly I’ve made my declaration public, I’m taking small and comfortable steps and I’m pursuing the bigger goal of health.
If you want to join me, I would love to hear of your goals and intentions and challenge you to share at least 5 photos of your meals as I post mine to Facebook over these next 3 weeks.
Well I’m off now to buy this week’s supply of lentils, black eyes peas and white beans. See you at size 12 soon x

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6 Responses to Ready Steady Fit

  1. Lise says:

    I am the biggest procrastinator in the WHOLE world!!!…lol. I will be following along with you, as my wedding is in 16 weeks time & of course I have left it to the last minute to lose some weight (not just for my wedding but for my overall well being also). I start my 12 week challenge on News years day so it will be good to share ups & downs with someone along the way… And like you, I love my curves (so does Ken), so I must keep those as well… We can do it Jace! x

  2. Nice one. I know you can smash it

  3. Cindy Binger says:

    Good on you Jace! That is fantastic…..I will be following you as I too have another goal to achieve. Bayly and I are doing another training camp in Thailand in June so starting New Years Day I am back into training and eating healthy. I aim to get fitter and lose approx 15 kilos between now and then….. 😉 Cin xo

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