I’m a bit happy today

My markets debut yesterday was wonderful, supported by my amazing husband we popped up at the North Rocks Rotarian markets to spruik my offerings for this week. These particular markets just celebrated 40 years and 3 million dollars back to the community so it’s a market I’m proud to be a part of for sure.Image


My old fashioned lemonade in a bag was a best seller, while the chocolate prune Earl-orange tea brownies and free range pulled pork baps were devoured with sauce dribbles and chocolate smudges from ear to ear. I made a small profit however even more fulfilling was the comfort of knowing a little piece of me went home with my appreciators. I imagine the little grey- haired lady eating some cheese and crackers in her dining room with a good dollop of my spicy tomato relish while listening to Dean Martin on her record player. Maybe the two boys from Newtown are sizzling sausages and tossing salad for lunch right now to pair with my apple and walnut relish for a group of their dog loving friends. I know the well organised lady who swooped in on my jams and soaps for Christmas presents will be wrapping and tagging her handmade treats for her family and friends soon. It’s extremely satisfying to believe that my hand crafted goodies are being delighted in right now all over Sydney and it is my imagination of how they will be enjoyed that is my motivation for continuing on my crusade to bring inspired works of beauty and deliciousness to everyone.

I’m participating in the Arcadia school markets next where I think the kids will get a kick out of my pink lemonade in a bag, soft iced cupcakes and busy bags. The next few weeks I will be jam, relish and chutney bottling for the parents while thinking up new and exciting projects.


Gav said that he saw a little piece of the old me return yesterday, the girl with the smile in her eyes who was carefree and happy. It was nice to feel at ease and welcomed by the people and the other stall holders. I think I’ll stay shiny eyed and smiley.

Today I had a sewing lesson with Kristie who I really like to learn from. She is so encouraging and supportive even when that old friend doubt starts to creep in. She pricks him with a pin and hems in some confidence and courage to keep me from giving up on a skill set I’m yet to master completely. Today I made a fabric cover for a notebook including the pattern from scratch so I’m quite chuffed with the finished product. I have plans to make burlap and lace book covers because that seems to be my trademark.


This one is made from
material that was donated by “Fran” who I think was cleaning out her deceased
Mother’s estate. I’m sending her this as a thank you gift and I believe she is
planning on sending it to her daughter who is overseas so her daughter will
receive a gift, given as a gift by me in appreciation of the gift Fran gave to
me and it will remind her of her Grandmother being that the materials were hers.
Handmade presents have so many layers of gratitude and specialness- I don’t
think I’ll store buy ever again. In saying that Christmas is just around the
corner so I had better get making for gifts sake otherwise I’ll have nothing to

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