To market to market

Welcome to my first blog although it’s actually my second because my first got lost somewhere in word press heaven. This morning started well with 3 freshly laid eggs to collect although I’m sure I startled a sly fox who was eyeing up my feathered girls in the coop thinking he’d have chicken and eggs for breakfast. Go away sneaky fox and as Indi would say; “Swiper no swiping!”

I’ve been researching what to present to my local markets that would be well received and somewhat different to what’s already out there. I have my homemade essential oil soaps, soy candles, hand threaded beads and button hearts, material magnetised book marks, salt dough & cinnamon dough Christmas ornaments and mulberry jam however it seems there are a lot of similar products already out there so I’m pursuing my passion for good homestyle food and deciding what to offer.

I’ve decided to trial making a batch of fluffy white babs (Irish baas) to serve with lashings of slow roasted pulled pork, “Stein” inspired spiced apple and walnut chutney and fresh peppery rocket. I’ve coaxed the yeast into a hive of bubbling activity, kneaded, risen and knocked the soft, pliable dough and rolled out the buns. The’re just resting one last time before I pop them in the oven.

 Fireside 1st rising-the yeast waft smells divine.

I’ll have my team of taste testers, (hubbie and 2yo) critique my efforts and if they come back with a chin dribbling, pork fat smeared thumbs up I guess I’ll be trotting off to the markets with my latest offering.

I’m feeling excited and somewhat anxious about my market debut mainly because I’m doing most of it solo and because I live in a hub of growers, artisans and handmade food producers. I’m also a perfectionist so to be ready and showcasing my absolute best takes me a little longer than some.

The oven has chimed and here is a pic of my clouds of baked yuminess -so far the verdict is good however thats just me so we’ll see what the afternoon tea set have to say.

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