Don’t Give a Bouquet Toss

This week’s blog is about alternatives to the wedding bouquet toss.


(Baby’s breath posies by Nes of Inspired By Happiness)

This is my personal favourite! Have you considered saving your bridal bouquet and throwing a special “fortune bouquet” instead? It is composed of a dozen or so small clusters of flowers bound together with a ribbon that you untie before you throw. Each mini bouquet is bundled with a different romantic fortune. It’s a bit like a fortune cookie posy and there’s more than one lucky recipient.

As an alternative to gifting your bouquet to a single woman you can reward the longest marriage in the room.
All the married couples are asked to stand then by groups of five or ten years, the married couples are asked to be seated as the length of their marriage is mentioned. The couple that remains is the one married the longest. They are “rewarded’ with the bridal bouquet and the garter.”

Another delightful tradition can be started after the cake cutting. The couple say a few words and then ‘as a token of love and appreciation,’ they give the bouquet to his or her parents.

In Finland, there is another “tossing alternative.” The single women form a circle around the bride, who has been blindfolded. The bride turns slowly in one direction and the women, holding hands, turn in a circle in the opposite direction. The single women’s circle stops and the bride reaches out and hands her bouquet to the woman facing her. This works especially well when there aren’t too many single women guests.

I often post useful tips, ideas and inspiration via my Facebook page and on the page of the wedding collective group I chair. Here are their links;
If you need any referrals to amazing wedding vendors then please let me know-I love to seek out those hidden gems!

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Mistress of Ceremonies Mischief


As you Mistress of Ceremonies my job is to ensure continuity from ceremony to reception and to ensure your formal wedding celebrations flow in a timely and planned manner while keeping you and your guests engaged, entertained and relaxed.

Engaging Jacie as your professional MC guarantees proper liaison with your venue and their schedule while ensuring the elements of your reception are respected and implemented per your requests, theme and vision.


As an outstanding MC I have the experience and knowledge to manage any situation to ensure that the remainder of your wedding is made memorable for the right reasons!

As host,  I ensure that your guests feel cared for and through personalised narration, they continue to get to know you and your family, your bridal party, each other and the story and meaning behind all the special touches and the atmosphere you worked so diligently to create for their enjoyment and benefit.

Your guests will have an organised and assertive “go to” person for their questions, directions and assistance and you will have peace of mind knowing all those key reception formalities are honoured and presented with your personalities and preferences in mind.



Jacie’s style is fun, professional, humourous, touching, meaningful, personalised and vibrant.

For your complimentary consultation please make an appointment direct with Jacie so that we may discuss and customize your reception plan based on your unique and specific requirements. Phone now on 0411 556 079.



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The Pits N Peaks of Pregnancy During Wedding Planning, Marriage and Beyond

There has been a growing, literally budding, trend among some of my brides-to-be of late; a certain swelling in their belly region and many of them are suffering with chronic morning sickness and fatigue so this month’s pits n peaks is all about how to help yourself through the early stages of pregnancy.


The pits of pregnancy include feeling emotional, nauseous often all day, vomiting, swollen and tender breasts, back aches, headaches and constipation, exhaustion, feeling sleepy, food cravings and increased sense of smell.

For me personally with my 2nd pregnancy, it was body breakdown in a major way-inflammatory markers off the charts, all day nauseousness, cravings for beef even though I was, at the time a vegetarian. My highly attuned sense of smell drove everyone crazy and my emotional instability confused even the most level headed of my friends. It was short lived though and passed almost to the day of the 3 month mark.

The peaks include relishing that inside glow and feeling of rapture knowing you are growing a perfect human being, feeling the most overwhelming and intoxicating love developing and pride in that you were chosen above all others to be that little baby’s Mummy even if it is only for a short time like in my 3rd pregnancy that sadly ended in a miscarriage late last year.

The exciting news is that there are a growing number of symptoms which science is coming to recognize as important natural expressions of your body’s inborn wisdom.

Morning sickness is a perfect example. Recent research suggests that nausea and vomiting which many women experience in early pregnancy would be better termed “morning wellness”.

It turns out that this is a protective mechanism where your body avoids or eliminates certain dietary chemicals which are able to damage the foetus during susceptible stages of development. The “embryo-protection hypothesis” reasons that the nausea and vomiting experienced to some degree by two-thirds of pregnant women, serves a beneficial function and is Mother Nature’s way of protecting mothers and fetuses from food-borne illness and also shields the fetus from chemicals that cause defects and deformities.

The researchers state that attempting to alleviate the symptoms of normal morning sickness will not improve the outcome of the pregnancy and could have the exact opposite effect if potentially dangerous foods are not avoided.

Additionally, women are encouraged to avoid anything that they have an aversion to during pregnancy. “In other words, listen to your body,” said one of the researchers.

As uncomfortable as it is for the expectant mother, morning sickness may be nature’s way of ensuring that the developing fetus gets the proper nutrition. The nausea and vomiting so many women experience during the first months of pregnancy may, paradoxically, nourish their babies by keeping certain hormone levels in check.

Some of the strategies that reduce the severity of morning sickness and support our body naturally include chiropractic adjustments, acupuncture, exercise and a diet high in raw, organic where possible, leafy fruits and vegetables and low in sugar and grains.

 To help keep nausea at bay, eat small, frequent meals and avoid greasy foods. Sucking on a lemon can also help ward off nausea.

Changes in hormones can result in changes in the breasts. Wearing a supportive bra can help ease the discomfort. Back aches are also common during pregnancy as the expanding uterus and weight gain add stress to the back muscles. Frequently changing positions can help ease back pain during bouts of morning sickness.

Hormones and an increase in blood volume can cause headaches. Lying down and staying hydrated can help decrease pregnancy-related headaches.

Constipation can be quite uncomfortable during pregnancy and is a result of increased hormones. Eating a diet high in fibre and drinking plenty of water can help curb constipation.

Exhaustion, or an overall sense of feeling worn out, is a result of all the additional work your body is doing to grow and nurture a baby. This exhaustion often results in an overall feeling of sleepiness. Resting throughout the day and getting a solid night’s sleep can help you stay energized. 20 minutes power naps will be your sanity saviour.

Food cravings are also common during early pregnancy, however you’ll need to make your food choices wisely to help keep your stomach calm.

An increased sense of smell due to an increased level of estrogen can often trigger nausea and vomiting, so if a specific scent bothers you, avoid it as much as possible.

Pregnant brides need special support and camaraderie from their grooms, bridesmaids, family and friends as they ride out the often unpredictable tides of physical, emotional and hormonal waves during pregnancy coupled with the stress or planning a wedding and perhaps the cumulative effects of a surprise pregnancy such as dress alterations, change in the time of your wedding due to fatigue or shoe substitutes for dancing and your reception.

Following are a list of ideas for pregnant brides to consider and suggestions to offer pregnant brides-to-be.

Brides In Waiting / Grooms In Waiting;

Hire a wedding planner-alleviate the stress and have more control by engaging the services of a professional coordinator or at minimum some “day of” assistance.

My pick: Tracy Mans from Soirees is the ultimate wedding planner and she tailors her services to your specific needs so you can employ her for just the jobs you need help with or to oversee the entire process all under your direction. Tracy can be contacted on 0433 696 117

Locate a great wedding dress alterations specialist-someone who is flexible to your needs and changing body. Someone who makes you feel comfortable and is understanding of your desire to look amazing while feeling green.

My pick: Marcella Moreno provides a personal service and with over 25 years experience she is skilled in an expansive array of fabrics. Marcella can be contacted on 0409 153 027.

Keep a gratitude journal and record the peaks of your wedding planning and fill it with fun mementos. You can do this basically in Microsoft word with text and photos, visually in Pinterest through pin inspirations or in my opinion the best way is to get a real book and infuse it with smells, press flowers in its pages, stain it with tears and coffee and make a meaningful legacy of your wedding plans. Only a real book can preserve this much love and memory.

My pick: Larissa from Monkeyfolio hand cuts and binds leather albums and books and can stamp, burn, embellish your custom design into the leather. Larissa can be contacted on 0401 718 951

Jen from Smudge Design creates and prints chalkboard snapshots of your favourite moments and memories. I am currently creating a “My Favourite Things” memory board for my 2 girls for Christmas with Jen. Jen can be contacted on 0433 319 651

Schedule at minimum once a week 30 minutes of “me time”-take a bath, read a book, meditate, dine by candlelight, talk to a friend, go for a walk, sleep, get a massage, give yourself a beauty treatment, try a new herbal tea-anything that replenishes and rejuvenates you.

My pick: Add to your bath water a cup of oats, a cup of full fat milk or cream, a drop or two of your favourite essential oil (ensure its safe for pregnancy) and some grated lemon zest. Sink in to the depths of deliciousness by candlelight and your favourite tunes and just breathe.

Raspberry tea is especially good for an unsettled stomach and nauseousness.

Suggested reading list:

Well Adjusted Babies, And Baby Makes Three, Parenting In A Peaceful World, The Continuum Concept, Sleeping Like A Baby

 Love Languages, Goddess, It’s A Guy Thing, Like Chocolate For Women

Meg from Indigo Spirit candles makes essential oil and scented soy wax candles and melts in all shapes, sizes, containers and fragrances. Meg can be reached on 0409 605 676

Bridesmaids/ Family & Friends;

Organise “wedding gift services” instead of material presents such as cleaning, cooking, grocery shopping and babysitting.

Hold a woman’s nurturing party-give each other foot baths, facials and massages, share healthy food and mocktails. Toast your friendship and tell each other why you are so important to each other, what you admire in each other, why you love each other etc. Laugh, cry, dance, be silly together –share your gifts and talents to create a truly memorable time in your lives.

Attend a laughter yoga class together.

Have fun designing and sampling virgin cocktails to feature at the wedding and christen it with your unborn baby’s name or a tribute to the sex if you know it. E.G. Pink little lady, Little boy blue, Jack’s Revenge, Saving Grace etc.

Be a shoulder, lend an ear and put yourself in her shoes literally to help and give as much support as possible.

“My picks” are artisans who are members of “All Tied Up” –a wedding specialists group I founded who hand craft, hand make or offer original home based services and products. I have personally worked with or used their products and services and receive no gratuities for my promotion of their businesses.  I just believe in them, love their passion and enjoy using their products and services.









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Pits and Peaks of Wedding Speeches -Help for the Petrified, Perplexed and Proud.

Happy Friday brides and grooms!

I trust your wedding planning is going smoothly and you are ticking off your to do lists and organising everything from chalk board artists to sugar crafting fairies!

If you are in need of any suppliers, services or products please ask who I may know as my networks are wide and varied and I would love an opportunity to connect you with other like minded people who I know love what they do and show it in their goods and services.

 This month I have launched my “pits and peaks” series-a regular email blast out discussing the upsides and downsides of common wedding considerations, events and situations.

 Today I wanted to share with you my tips for the Father of the bride speech. Traditionally the father of the bride is the 1st in the speech giving order and his time in the spotlight can be humbling, hilarious or horrendous. The following guide may be of help to your “Dads” or in fact anyone giving a speech. Please feel free to share.

 The pitfalls-Dad will most likely be nervous, rather emotional, perhaps besieged by a dose of stage fright or be slightly under the weather (or table in some cases!). Some men are reserved and of few words and some literally don’t know when to stop. If you notice any of these signs, my peak proposals are; offer support by way of physical comfort-hold hands or hug while he’s speaking, make a joke to lighten up the tension or choose a more informal approach to speeches and just pass the microphone around to anyone who would like to say something. We did this at our wedding and both of us agree that it was a real highlight-almost 80 people spoke, just a few sentences each however we experienced some of the most heartfelt and moving sentiments, wishes and reflections and created a memory that will last forever in our minds and hearts.

 Father of the Bride Speech Help Guide

 A great speech is well thought out, practiced, organised and approximately 3-7 minutes in length. True and heart-felt stories are always well received. Be yourself, share your emotion, pepper us with humour and above all enjoy!

  • 1. Try and learn your speech: You don’t need to know it by heart, however read it over and over again in the lead-up to the wedding so that it’s familiar. You’ll feel much more confident and relaxed.

2. Make copies: Make several copies of your speech and give them to friends. Many people panic about losing their speech – if you have a few copies, this won’t be an issue.

3. Take your time: The slower and clearer your speech, the better it will be received. And don’t be afraid to pause for effect after a joke or after you say something you want the audience to appreciate.”

4. Watch your drink: Have one or two drinks beforehand to calm the nerves, however no more.

5. Animate: Using your hands to help explain things will make you feel more confident and relaxed. Practice any jokes to ensure their delivery results in laughter for the right reasons.

A nice way to settle your nerves and ease into your speech is to say a few impromptu words about the wedding day so far and how perfect everything has been. If you have some funny stories from the lead up to the wedding, or the early part of the wedding day itself, you can also include them at the start of the speech.

Welcome the parents of the groom and relatives and friends from both sides.

Compliment the bride on her appearance and relate stories from her childhood and family life to the guests. This is the crucial part of your father of the bride speech. It’s not often you get to discuss your daughter’s many qualities and achievements, so make the most of it and indulge yourself. Make sure you compliment her; tell her how wonderful she looks and how proud you are of her.

Try to talk a little about your daughter’s early years, perhaps tell a funny story or two about when she was growing up. Feel free to tease her about some of the things she has done however be kind and don’t say anything that you know will really embarrass her.

Welcome the groom into your family.  Express your happiness at the connection between the two families that the marriage will bring. Anecdotes that work well in father of the bride speeches include your first encounter with the groom, the first time you realised your daughter was in love, and your reaction to their engagement. Depending on your relationship with your new son-in-law it’s fine to poke fun at him a little, and to joke about what he is letting himself in for in marrying your daughter. It may be that you don’t entirely approve of the groom, but the father of the bride speech is certainly not the time to express that. Keep your speech positive and focus on how your new son-in-law makes your daughter happy.

In good humour offer words of wisdom and advice to the happy couple for the start of their married life together perhaps referring to the speech your father-in-law gave at your wedding.

Thank everyone who has helped organize the wedding including friends and family who played a vital role, DIY projects the bride or groom took on and all suppliers including the celebrant, wedding planner, florist, venue, photography, cake, make-up artist etc

Propose a toast to the bride and groom.

Another idea is to have your MC ask your Dad a series of questions which in turn would act as his speech in an unconventional way.

A father’s handwritten letter read by someone other than your father is another beautiful experience.

If your Dad has passed away or is not an integral part of your life perhaps you would like to consider some alternatives; a reading or poem, a film montage of all the greatest lines from mutually favourite movies, ask your Mum, your brother, a grandparent or an Uncle or your new in-laws to make the speech instead or give it yourself!

In celebration of my 2nd wedding anniversary next week, I thought I would share what my daughter Brittany read at my wedding as written by my Dad, now you can see where my writing flair originates! To pre-frame, Brittany is 23 now and got married to Sam almost 5 years ago now under a lovely old tree in the heat of the Kyogle outback, a small country town in NSW. The “someone” by my Dad’s side was my Mum who passed away prior to Brit’s wedding yet is very much a living part of our lives to this day. My Dad is still hopelessly in love with my Mum and every night toasts her photo on the mantle sharing his thoughts on his day with a lit candle, freshly picked flowers and a swig of port.

Now a while back I walked a bride

Up an aisle laid on grass

And when I gave her to her love

Came the moments that would last

For as I sat back with the others

Beneath that huge, old tree

Waves of happiness and love just flowed

For all to feel and see

And people were affected

No more than the Mother of the bride

Who while sharing all her daughters day

Got swept up in the tide

For later on between the hugs and giving Gav a kiss

She whispered in my ear these words

“Pop, I’m gunna get me some of this!”

And knowing when her minds made up

And she decided who to have

I thought; “well this won’t take to long”

And I feared for poor old Gav

And sure enough here today

With her own love by her side

Her dream came true and she became

The sweet, young, blushing bride

For all the joys she shared with others

That day beneath the tree

Has done a big full circle

For today she walked those steps with me

And when I gave her to her Gav

And watched them holding hands

And listened to their loving words

As they exchanged their wedding bands

I knew their cup of joy was full

Right to the very brim

Cause he’d just married her

And she’d just married him

And while all of this was going on

There was someone by my side

Who had such a loving, radiant smile

Seeing her Jacie-Lee become a bride

And I knew her heart was full of joy

And we’d talk about this day

When next our minds and thoughts entwine

As thats become our way.


 And finally, ditching speeches altogether is always an option-just enjoy each others’ company, mingle and celebrate your newlywed status.

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What I Wish All Couples Knew About Their Wedding Ceremony

ImageI’m lucky that the couples who seek me out prioritise having an original, personal and meaningful ceremony however there are thousands of couples every year planning their weddings that give little real consideration to their celebrant or their ceremony other than cost. Price may be what you pay however value is what you want!

According to The Association of Bridal Consultants, 2012 the average total cost of a wedding is $28 082 however only $219 was allocated to the celebrant in their statistical analysis and equal money was spent on the ceremony service booklets!

I whole heartedly support DIY and budget savvy weddings however when it comes to choosing your celebrant and entrusting them with the creation and delivery of your ceremony, making a good financial investment in the right celebrant will pay you back far into your future.

Your ceremony is not just something you need to get through; your ceremony is why everyone is gathered-it is the single most important part of your wedding. It is where you set your relationship intentions and tone, it is where you tell those special people in your life how you intend on treating each other, what you will do to protect your marriage and each other and how you will ensure your union lasts the lifetime it is intended to. It is the time you call upon everyone present to uphold you and remind of your vows and promises and of the commitment you made to your partner when challenge arises.

Your ceremony is more than words and processes, it’s a ritual that signifies the unity between you both. It is the right of passage to the next chapter of your lives and one that deserves meaningful symbolism and celebration orchestrated by a truly talented celebrant who ensures your ceremony is as unique as you both are. 

The current trend for stripped back weddings where all the focus is on the couple verses the styling; means that your ceremony must be different, it must be captivating and engaging and absolutely the highlight of your day as opposed to just another wedding ceremony with the same overused rhetoric and identical to the wedding you went to last week.

Typically a potential celebrant gets asked questions about how long they have been a celebrant, what qualifications and awards do they have and how many weddings have they conducted. There are better questions to ask celebrant candidates to increase the value you will receive such as;

How will you turn my wedding dreams and ideas into reality?

How will you give me a unique wedding that really reflects us and our personalities?

What resources and help will you give me to decide traditions, rituals, vows and readings?

What guidance are you able to give me to help me through the process of creating my ceremony and its content with the theme, style and tone that I want?

Do you have a network of other industry professionals that provide custom services and products that you could refer me to?

 A $219 celebrant will not provide these crucial value adding benefits.

 Couples are now planning their weddings with greater lead up and concise budgets. A principled celebrant with up to date qualifications, skill sets and talents who takes pride in giving you an original ceremony is aware of the need to be cost effective and will offer reasonable payment options to ensure that you can have your wedding cake and eat it too!

More than 70% of all weddings are now conducted by a celebrant so choosing the right one to match your needs is imperative. A celebrant who loves what they do and does what they love will be inspired when you give them fair exchange for sharing their passion and purpose. They will be inspired to give you the greatest ceremony ever leaving you less stressed, in more control with more time and energy to put into all the other planning involved with a wedding.

Beware of cheap, cost cutting and discounted services- while initially they may seem attractive they often cost you much more than just money in the long run and require ongoing motivation and monitoring from you.

A small leak will sink a great ship and I’m certain you don’t want your wedding day going down like the Titanic so please consider value over price when choosing your celebrant.

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A Foraging We Go

I just love a quiet Saturday drive to my neighbouring farm lands where honesty stalls and pop up shops abound. Yesterday we meandered towards Dural stopping along the way to buy dahlias in the crispest of white and a mottled pink that reminds me of Indi’s rosy little cheeks as they become smeared with the juice of the fat, sun ripened strawberries she slurps on along the way.


White dahlias

White dahlias

We managed to find some delicately sweet white- flesh nectarines, vine ripened egg tomatoes sold by a lovely little Italian lady who hardly spoke any comprehensible language other than “tomatoes is very good”.
White flesh nectarines-so sweet and dainty on your palette

White flesh nectarines-so sweet and dainty on your palette

In the basket we also placed free range eggs, some bottles of green tomato pickles and thick plum jam, a swag of green beans and a brown paper bag full of sugar plums.

It feels so grounding to me to forage in this way for seasonal, organic and local produce. The flavour of fruit and vegetables grown by these small farms is so much more intense than anything you buy commercially and I like to know I’m supporting local producers. As they stroll you meet you at their gates you can see the commitment to their labour in their soil worn hands and earth filled fingernails, the way they handle their produce is almost sensual and erotic-the love they have for a beet as they turn it, inspecting its perfection and caressing it’s green tipped leaves makes it all is so evident.

We have fresh flowers in the house every week with this way of shopping, wild bunches of thorny roses with an intoxicating scent and petals that dance on the tabletops after a week or two $5, buttercup yellow sunflowers 2 sprays for $5 and of course the dahlias with their layers of downy softness only $3 a bunch.  

Sometimes I go overboard because it’s so hard to resist the passion of a fellow biophiliac and then the race is on to eat, preserve and incorporate the surplus into edible versions of their former goodness. Last week we supped on blueberry pikelets as a treat mid-week and our purple stained lips were testimony to our enjoyment of these power packed super berries.

My next home based venture is to start growing potatoes, I’ve collected the eyes growing out of some overripe spuds and have placed them on the old school fashioned wet cotton balls to see if they sprout.

Spud eyes being willed to go forth and multiply.

Spud eyes being willed to go forth and multiply.

Two of our four pullets are laying and while the Isa Browns have surrendered to me and I can pat, hold and easily clip their wings and dust their feathers, blondie and blackie remain elusive and quite aloof. They aren’t so shy with the tasty snacks I provide daily to coax them into the safety of their coop while the red fox bellows his blood curdling scream at me in the darkness of the bush for thwarting his plans to dine on chicken tonight!

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Ready Steady Fit

Well I’m finally serious about changing my body composition, there is enough leverage to push me to pursue this dream with some fire and I’m actually excited about carving out my bikini body for 2013. We have a cruise booked through the Pacific Islands and plans for overseas travel so I would like to be fashionably attired and feeling more confident and comfortable-there is a snorkel with my name on it and I’d like a gloriously bronzed tan to go with it. I would enjoy pulling on a pair of size 12 jeans and a t shirt and feeling unencumbered by that sense of hiding the bits I don’t like. I’d like to flaunt more defined arms in shorter sleeved shirts and enjoy a flatter stomach and firmer legs -I still want my curves and certainly want to remain feminine and strong.
With all the education I have had over these years in the health industry I know what to do, I just having been doing it with my fully engaged heart -I could list a tonne of excuses and justifications for why I haven’t been doing what I know however excuses just get in the way of success so here are my unadulterated re-composition goals and my intentions for success;
 Shred 20% body fat by Dec 2013 through improved diet and implementation of daily exercise
 Have a 9kg change in appearance (loss of 6.8kg fat and gain of 2.3kg muscle) (would like to do this 3 times) over 12 months
 Be able to run around the block by March 2013
 Achieve my ideal weight by Dec 2013
 Photo diary my diet every day for 21 days
 Track my progress through photographs and measurements
 Maintain the plank position for 2.5 minutes by Dec 2013
 Walk Diesel for 20-30 minutes 3 days per week before work
 Plan our menu weekly for 12 months on a week by week basis on the Sunday of each week
 Indulge in one dieters gone wild day per week
That’s a good SMART start and I believe that with the support of Gav and Indi’s childlike enthusiasm, as a family we will all benefit greatly. Our diet has always been relatively good however a few sneaky life sapping foods have crept in so it’s time to review and improve again and I’ve already made a start yesterday with my meals photography so here’s a peek.
Breakfast was home grown, fresh, just washed baby spinach with grilled ham, sautéed mushrooms and one of my hen’s free range eggs-Indi ate a bit of everything although she is rather partial to mushrooms so I didn’t get many of those and Diesel shared my ham so all in all our little breakfast on the deck was delightfully enjoyed under a sunny sky.

It can be challenging to eat salad for breakfast however you get used to it and then crave it!

It can be challenging to eat salad for breakfast however you get used to it and then crave it!

Lunch was a Chicken Caesar Salad – I had this out on my own during a teensy bit of me time.

$15 for a lot of cos-it was tasty though!

$15 for a lot of cos-it was tasty though!

Dinner consisted of curried chicken and coconut patties, grass fed Italian beef rissoles, wombok and purple cabbage coleslaw and green salad with garlic dressing. I did indulge in the last of the Christmas Pavlova so my day wasn’t completely clean however I feel good about my choices and today is another chance to make great decisions.

An early dinner means better digestion and overnight fat burning.

An early dinner means better digestion and overnight fat burning.

Breakfast today was left over salad and a chicken patty, lemon in water and supplements and my “not negotiable” mug of hot cacao.
Speaking of drugs; the only supplements I advocate are wild fish oil and a probiotic (dairy & gluten free). I know many hard core health fanatics would be taking green tea & garlic extract and further supplementation would make up to 10% of their plans however in my case I believe its 80% diet and 20% exercise partially because I know gaining essential vitamins and nutrients from whole foods is far more beneficial, secondly I am still breastfeeding and taking such supplements is not advised and thirdly I am much better at maintaining commitment to diet than to exercise so this lifestyle plan is superb for those like me who don’t really like to sweat yet enjoy the beauty and simplicity of real, healthful, life giving foods prepared and enjoyed with love.
I’ve also created my IPod walk playlist to ignite the desire to move and get some rhythm in my stride. I’ve taken my measurements, researched the exercises I will do, fished the kettle bell out of the garage, located the resistance rubber and found a local aqua aerobics class for some water play and added essential Vitamin D. Most importantly I’ve made my declaration public, I’m taking small and comfortable steps and I’m pursuing the bigger goal of health.
If you want to join me, I would love to hear of your goals and intentions and challenge you to share at least 5 photos of your meals as I post mine to Facebook over these next 3 weeks.
Well I’m off now to buy this week’s supply of lentils, black eyes peas and white beans. See you at size 12 soon x

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